Still on maternity leave!

IMG_1440Here’s a shot from a couple of years ago to keep you entertained… hens are slightly lower maintenance than a 4-month old baby! Anyway, nice to recall that summer does exist on a wet n’ windy January day. I’ve had a long break from making since Ingrid arrived, itching to get my hands on some more willow, so I’m looking forward to a 2 day square-work project booked with Eddie Glew in March.

Successful Birdfeeder Workshop

Five brave students faced an intensive weekend of making on 11th and 12th March. From beginner to experienced, there were plenty of challenges in this two-day workshop, with lots of techniques covered (borders, French randing, waling, chasing, binding), and a difficult shape to master with some very fiddly gaps to weave between. They all did fantastically well and produced some very pleasing work. Well done all!

In process photos below, hopefully with some in-situ finished work shots to follow: